drums sample pack

Flutter & Hiss v.1: Drums Sample Pack by Jen Yak
by Flutter & Hiss Recordings

Flutter & Hiss was born out of What Lab wanting to support musicians and sound artists during the pandemic. As a performance studio we couldn't do the one thing we did best - provide a space to gather. So instead we became a space to create.

Having recently gotten into sampling environmental sounds from found tape cassettes, Jen was inspired to create a sample pack for the Flutter & Hiss tape series, creating loops with live drums & percussion, which may then be sourced as tracks for others to use in their own work. She also drew from the concept of a Bio Blitz, in which crowd-sourced scientists find and ID as many samples of species as possible in a specific ecosystem over a short period of time. During this residency Jen attempted to write and record as many patterns on drum set as possible over a two-day period.

selected session work

Niloo EP - Niloo (drums, auxiliary)

Confluencer EP - Magnolia (drums)

Fond EP - Fond (drums)

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