Since 2017, Jen Yakamovich has been a member and research associate at the Education for Sustainability Research Group, directed by Dr. Tarah Wright of the Dalhousie Environmental Sciences program. In December of 2019, she defended her Master of Environmental Studies thesis, exploring how environmental arts practices of artists based in so-called "Canada" are fostering socioecological transformations. In September 2018 she presented at the International Teaching Artists' Conference (ITAC4) in New York City. In June 2019 she presented some of her research and findings at the International Art in the Anthropocene conference at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland.

As an extension of her Master's work, she curated the group show Nature as Communities with the Dalhousie Art Gallery, showcased from May-July of 2019.

In 2021, her research was published in the Journal of Environmental Education.

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