2020 "Son, Dog"geographic score performance, created by Charvel Rappos, Eyelevel Gallery, Halifax NS
2020 Conspiring (to breathe), performance (Troll Dolly), EVERYSEEKER "Emergent Response" Online Festival, w/ NAT Chantel, K'jipuktuk/Halifax NS
2019 Baba Yaga, live sound & performance piece, Radstorm, w/ Caitlin Secondcost, Halifax NS
2019 A Mirror in the Wasteland, site-specific composition w/ Joseph Leroux & Lee Gauthier, Wasteland Climate Anxiety Haunted House Series, Victoria BC
2019 Conundrum #8, improvised solo & duet performance w/ Ian Pierre Cardona, Conundrum Drum Series, Vancouver BC
2019 NOW Society Trading Places: Un échange marathon, improvisation series, Trading Places Residency Program, Vancouver BC
2019 [we’re]wolves in sheep’s clothing, installation & performance, White Rabbit Arts Residency, w/ Caitlin Secondcost, Economy NS
2019 Troll Dolly, live performed experimental music in the dark, Bleep in the Dark, CKDU society, Halifax NS
2018 soundscaping as intimate spacemaking, soundwalk recording project, NSCAD University, Halifax NS
2016 Bang! Bang! Bang! performance & composition, "short & sweet" series w/ Kinetic Studio, choreographed by Susan Wolf, Halifax NS
2014 Liberation Snare performance & composition, "Over the Hill" series w/ Eyelevel Gallery, created by William Robinson, Halifax NS

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